Friday, 24 April 2015


Four ale-conners are still appointed every year in London, but it’s now a ceremonial appointment rather than an actual job. Which is too bad, because anyone who likes beer would love to be an ale-conner.


Whether you really love learning about letters or really hate learning about letters, there’s a side to being an abecedarian that might be for you. 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Egyptian Scribe

Being a scribe has something of a bad reputation, but it’s usually medieval scribes and monks that we hear about, spending hour after hour, day after day, painstakingly copying texts and putting in some pretty amusing marginalia to pass the time. 


Fancy a bit of bird-watching, along with the opportunity to influence an almost-infinite sphere of affairs? Try being an augur. The “augur” was a term given to a Roman diviner who would read the will of the gods in the flight patterns or songs of the birds. 


Have a great speaking voice and love to educate people? Try being a lector.