Saturday, 25 October 2014

Tuesday, October 27 - A Trickle Of Hope

8- sluices
The next night, Captain Thys and his team tried again, this time bringing ropes to hold open the gates. It worked. 

Saturday, October 24 - Asleep In The Frozen Mud

6- wounded
The full horrors of World War I’s trench warfare were felt all across the Western Front, and the Belgian army got no more and no less than any other army on the ground. 

Thursday, October 22 - The Smell Of Defeat

4- germans attacking
“The Germans are everywhere, as if they had crawled out of the ground. They smell victory, but we resist fiercely. 

Wednesday, October 21 - A City In Flames

3- church burning 2
While the citizens slept in fear, Nieuwpoort began to burn. The German bombs were now hitting major buildings, and the nights were alight with the flames of churches and houses turning to ash. 

Tuesday, October 20 - Buried Like Dogs

2- balloon
By the third day of the battle, the situation was looking grim for the Belgian army, despite the British troops who had arrived as backup.